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The Pet Blog

The Pet Blog

Welcome to the Pet Blog! 

The staff at Westshore Pet Clinic wants to share their knowledge by creating their very own blog where tips, tricks and information all relating to pet ownership is shared.  On this page, you will find all of the articles written directly by our wonderful staff. 

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Allergy Awareness Month

If you are someone who suffers from allergies, certainly you understand how much it can affect quality of life. Did you know that pets can suffer from allergies too? Just like people, animals can react to a variety of things that can stem from food, the environment, medications and more.

Westshore Pet Clinic’s First Blog!

Westshore Pet Clinic, opened recently in February 2022, is a family owned and operated veterinary clinic. Dr. Martin Klein and his wife, Lilia, have been hard at work preparing their beautiful clinic to open to the public. Joining them is Jaime, our Registered Veterinary Technician; Kendell, our Veterinary Medical Assistant; and Callie, our receptionist. The staff at Westshore Pet Clinic have all been hard at work adding the final details to the clinic; We are excited to share our space with all of you!  We offer general exams, preventative care and both elective and dental surgeries for both dogs and cats in the Westshore area.

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